Clove n cardamom

Our elaborate menu offers choices of vegetarian, non-vegetarian, gluten-free and vegan options while maintaining focus on fresh and healthy food.

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443 425 3034

6000 Merriweather Drive Columbia, MD 21044

Clove N Cardamom Fusion Restaurant Columbia MD

What to look for when choosing your next meal?

Searching for the best new restaurant in the Columbia area? Here are 5 tips to help guide you through the process.

Some days you may be looking to dine in and others you may want a quick and easy, delicious dinner to go. If you know what you are looking for, you’re set but for those who don’t, we can help!

Choosing a restaurant that is close to you to avoid unnecessary driving is a key factor for most. Also knowing that it is located in a safe area, is easy to access, and has easily accessible parking for both carry-out and dine-in guests.

What’s inside?
Tables or booths? Bar seating? How large of a party can be accommodated? Is there live music? Are reservations needed? These can all be answered by a simple phone call or checking out their social media.

What type of cuisine is offered?
When you are looking for your next meal you may need help deciding exactly where to start. Whether you are looking for something extraordinary with flavors from around the world or simple comfort food with “a little something special” a quick call or google search will let you know what the restaurant offers.

What are the drink specials near me?
Is there a happy hour? What is included? Is there a full bar? Do they specialize in certain cocktails? Check the list of wines and draft/bottle beers that are offered. Many restaurants have incredibly skilled mixologists that can craft to-die-for cocktails. Look for items that spark your interest on their online drink menu.

What’s the buzz?
How do others feel about the food/drink/location/staff? Sometimes online reviews can be very accurate and helpful but keep in mind that as with anything there can be negative comments and that sometimes word of mouth and your own personal experience is all that matters.

Dollars and cents
You want a restaurant experience that offers value for your money. A cost-effective option for dining is always a top priority. Make sure that you review all costs so that you come prepared to eat and drink as you wish and also leave some appreciation for those who serve you!

While you have many options for choosing your next meal, we in the service are especially thankful that people like you continue to come out and support us as we are all acclimating to this new normal. We at Clove and Cardamom look forward to serving you soon!

Cheers mate!

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